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The Book of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite

Written by Charles T. McClenechan, originally published in 1868.


p001 – Cover, Dedication, T.O.C., Classification of Degrees
p011 – History, Movable Symbolic Transparency, Plan of the Temple

p023 – Introduction, First and Second Series – The Ineffable Degrees
p029 – 4th Degree: Secret Master
p047 – 5th Degree: Perfect Master
p061 – 6th Degree: Intimate Secretary
p069 – 7th Degree: Provost and Judge
p083 – 8th Degree: Intendant of the Buildings
p095 – 9th Degree: Knights Elect of Nine
p105 – 10th Degree: Knights Elect of Fifteen
p115 – 11th Degree: Sublime Knights Elected
p125 – 12th Degree: Grand Master Architect
p137 –13th Degree: Royal Arch of Enoch
p149 – 14th Degree: Grand, Elect, Perfect and Sublime Mason

p179 – Third Series – The Historical Degrees + Prefatory
p183 – 15th Degree: Knight of the East or Sword
p195 – 16th Degree: Prince of Jerusalem

p213 – Fourth Series – The Philosophical Degrees + Prefatory
p219 – 17th Degree: Knights of the East and West
p243 – 18th Degree: Knight of the Rose Croix

p285 – Fifth Series – The Historical and Philosophical Degrees + Prefatory
p289 – 19th Degree: Grand Pontiff
p303 – 20th Degree: Grand Master of All Symbolic Lodges
p315 – 21st Degree: Noachite, or Prussian Knight
p323 – 22nd Degree: Knight of the Royal Axe
p331 – 23rd Degree: Chief of the Tabernacle
p347 – 24th Degree: Prince of the Tabernacle
p357 – 25th Degree: Knight of the Brazen Serpent
p367 – 26th Degree: Prince of Mercy
p385 – 27th Degree: Knight Commander of the Temple
p399 – 28th Degree: Knight of the Sun
p417 – 29th Degree: Knight of St. Andrew

p435 – Sixth Series – The Chivalric Degrees + Prefatory
p439 – 30th Degree: Knight Kadosh
p453 – 31st Degree: Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander
p467 – 32nd Degree: Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret

p487 – Supreme Council + Prefatory
p491 – 33rd Degree: Sovereign Grand Inspector-General
p483 – Appendix to the Statues of the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree

p499 – Ceremonial of Inauguration, Constitution and Installation of the Subordinate Bodies

p555 – Ceremony of Baptism in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite

p577 – Grand Visitations – Honors due, etc., Forms of Reflections, Statutes for the Government of all Tribunals of the 31st Degree, Ceremonial for a Lodge of Sorrow

p600 – Forms of Petition for Membership, Hebrew Calendar, Index

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