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Reader Hall of Fame

A Tribute to the Perceptively Gifted

As I mention in my introduction on the homepage, one of the reasons for creating this site was to recruit help from eagle-eyed readers in the hopes that their fresh perspectives could illuminate parts of the Eyes Wide Shut code which I might not be able to personally figure out. After all, I am only one investigator, and there is a hell of a lot to uncover.

As any cryptologist will tell you, it is much harder to decipher a code than it is to create one. This page is dedicated to the readers who have contributed to the more difficult feat; having identified key evidence relationships, provided information that has significantly progressed the operation towards a fruitful discovery, or outright decrypted a portion of the syntagm.

Meaningful contributors are listed here with their preferred name, the nature of their accomplishments, and a public message of their own composition. Any elements the site’s analysis which do not appear on this page, or are not cited as being drawn from someone else’s commentary of Eyes Wide Shut, have been deduced or inferred by myself.

If you believe you have found something which should land you on this list, please email your submission to me at

Please note that as I am the subjective curator of this investigation, it is possible that there may emerge a situation in which a reader feels they have not been duly credited for their role in a discovery, or that I have erroneously declined to add their submission to the body of analysis. For these reasons, it is heavily advised that readers describe their submissions in unambiguous terms, illustrate a clear chain of deductive logic, and lean towards a bare minimum of speculation and inductive leaps. If your submission is a disparate array of dot points without demonstrable affiliation, and one of them happens to be loosely tangential to a later discovery, this will not be sufficient to have your name added to the Hall of Fame.

Please also note that composed messages which are political or outright disrespectful in nature are not eligible to be displayed here. The messages listed convey the thoughts only of the reader, and do not represent the opinions of the site’s author.

I would like to share my appreciation not only for those listed below, but for everyone who has made an effort.

Thank you for your involvement,


The Hall of Fame

Name: EagleEye618

Contribution: Identifying the first appearance of Dante Gabriel Rosetti’s Astarte Syriaca (1877) in the shop window of the Artinis Gallery.

Message: “Everything leads back to Kubrick’s Icarus warning. Understand why and you will understand Kubrick.”

Name: Reddit user /u/daeclan

Contribution: Offered the correction that the black suit jacket in 5° belongs to Ziegler rather than Bill.

Message: You can find Daeclan at &

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