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Initially published on 21st November, 2020, The 33 Degrees of Eyes Wide Shut catalogues an independent investigation into a cross-textual, subliminal, and downright cryptological substrate that appears to have been deliberately infused into the 1999 film, Eyes Wide Shut, by its director, Stanley Kubrick.

As an attempt at objective documentation rather than speculative commentary, the analytic findings on this website have remained “unpoliticised” to the fullest possible abilities of the author.

The 33 Degrees of Eyes Wide Shut is a not-for-profit operation, and is not associated with any media outlet, business entity, or other collective body. Any third-party monetary capitalization on the concepts contained herein, or reproduction of the featured concepts/writings in an academic journal, has been done without the expressed consent of the author.

Please note that the author considers themself primarily as an investigator, compiler and curator of information, and personally attributes most of the creative notions described herein to the late Mr. Kubrick (not to mitigate the enormous efforts made by all the other cast and crew who helped usher Eyes Wide Shut into existence). It should be noted that these attributions, by their innate nature, are not presently verifiable except by their own self-evidence.


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